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Dematting Policy
We will not dematt any dog under any circumstances and work by the rules "humanity over vanity".
De-matting is very painful for a dog and damages the hair which means matting occurs much easier the second time around.  We highly recommend clipping the coat and starting fresh for the best change of maintaining without the risk of skin complaints or unnecessary pain. Due to the extra time taken for matted grooms requiring a pre-bath clip down, and the extra wear and tear on the equipment, an additional fee of up to £10 may be added to the groom price.
Flea Policy
If you are aware your dog has fleas please let us know prior to the groom and we can reschedule as needed. if we discover fleas on the dog whilst in our care, an additional fee of £10 will be added to the groom to cover the cost of extra cleansing, bug bombing the salon and upgrading to a flea treatment shampoo.
Cancellation Policy
We know dogs are unpredictable and things happen, however, to ensure we maintain a one to one service with a cage free environment, no show grooms cause a loss of earnings for us. If an appointment is confirmed and not attended, a fee of £20 will be charged prior to a rescheduled appointment being confirmed. We ask for 48 hours notice to reschedule appointment so we can offer up the appointment to someone on our waiting list.
Late Collection Policy
We will always supply owners with a rough collection time and will call 15 mins before the dog is ready. To ensure smooth running of a cage free salon, working with often difficult and aggressive clients, dogs being left in our care too long can cause an issue. we will charge a £5 fee after 30 mins of the collection time increasing by £5 every 30 mins.