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Flea and worming treatments NOT eco friendly - recent research

New research from the BVA suggests using certain parasiticides (flea and worming treatments) not only has adverse side effects on some pets, cause a resistance build up effecting their efficiency but now, have growing environmental concerns including contaminating the environment, causing harm to wildlife, ecosystems and in turn public health

Whilst more research is to be undertaken, this shift showing flea and worming drug treatments are most certainly not eco friendly and causing harm has lead to a positive shift towards natural flea and worming treatments and reassessment of treatment protocols within the veterinary industry and in turn, will hopefully reduce the amount of unnecessary chemicals our pets are being exposed to!

We have been discussing our views with lots of customers recently as we really do highly recommend a natural approach with flea, tick and worming treatments! Regular assessments and worming counts can put your mind at rest that you dog is happy, healthy and parasite free without the use of harmful chemicals 💚

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