One thing groomers hear all too often is ‘my dogs short haired so doesn’t need grooming’

Well, having your smooth or double coated dog groomed regularly is just as important & beneficial to your dog as those who require clipping

Double coated dogs go through a regular growth cycle with their hair. Some dogs seem to go through this cycle much quicker than others, but often dog owners notice a huge increase in shedding between seasons or for lab owners it’s a pretty consistent cycle of shedding for 6 months twice per year 😂.

This time of year we definitely see a raise in moulting, this is the dog's way of preparing for the change in seasons and helps them regulate body temperature.

Benefits of regular bath and deshedding grooms

💕 Help promote good skin and coat health,

💕 Stimulates blood flow due to massage of the skin whilst deshedding

💕 Allows an experienced person to fully health check your dog regularly as groomers see your dog more often than a vet and can often pick up on subtle health changes such as arthritis, pain and skin problems - we can point out anything of concern for your vet to assess and diagnose

💕 Saves you having to hoover and lint roller yourself 100 times per day

All of our deshed grooms include a spa bath in natural high quality shampoo specific to your dogs needs, a blow-dry to loosen the undercoat, removal of old undercoat, nail trim and ear clean, finished off with a seasonal bandana and all natural perfume!

To book your dogs autumn deshed 🍂

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