Antibacterial Shampoo - Wild Mint - 250ml


Zero Palm Oil - All Natural - Cruelty Free


We love the fresh smell of Wild Mint in the spring. Bright and Fresh. The rosemary oil helps reduce build up of yeast in the skin.


Our shampoo is very easy to use, simply use a walnut sized drop of shampoo in a jug and fill with water. Use a bath sponge and exfoliate the shampoo into your dogs fur. Use a macadamia nut sized blob to cleanse the face avoiding the eyes and inner ears. Dont forget those wrinkles! Shampoo twice for a squeeky clean finish!



Aqua, extracts of Chamomile, Wild Sage, SLS & Paraben Free Coconut Based Surfactant, Sea Salt, Aqueous Herbal Tincture, with a splash of natural Plant-based Fragrance Oil

Antibacterial Shampoo - Wild Mint