Did you know, that regular worming with pharmaceutical  products may not be necessary. Many of these products have been linked to severe side effects and are full of chemicals. Often, dogs are wormed unnecessarily.


Our worm count kits allow you to assess if your dog has worms, needs worming or whether their current worming programme is working.


Worms can affect all dogs but are especially problematic in dogs:

- Who are raw fed

- Who are prone to fleas (immature fleas carry tapeworm)

- Who react to worming

- Who are scavanges and grass eaters



Kit 1 Worm Count - meaures Toxocara, tapeworm, whipworm, hookworm and giardia


Kit 2 Lung Worm Count - measures lungworm


Kit 3 Full Worm Count - Includes Kit 1 and Kit 2



  • Full instructions
  • Disposable gloves
  • Collection spoon(s)
  • Smell proof bag(s)
  • Outer bag
  • Freepost envelope


Seek Veterinary Advice for worming puppies and kittens

Dog Worm Count Kits