• Calming Formula: Our drops will have immediate effect in CALMING your pet reducing ANXIETY in times of stress and on a daily basis.


  • 100% Natural: Packing with calming herbs & minerals. Contains VALERIAN which is a powerful & non-addictive herb great to use in situations of stress & anxiety. Also contains MAGNESIUM which has long term calming effects.


  • Fast Acting & Effective: Only takes around 20 minutes for the drops to work - much quicker than tablets and easier to administer to your pets, simply mix into their food.


  • Easy To Use: Simply drop our liquid formula into food or water or give direct into the mouth. No difficult tablets to disguise.


  • Safe Lifestyle Change: Not only is it excellent at times of stress it is safe to be used daily for overall calmer and more relaxed animals.

Natural Calming Aid - 50ml