Tumeric Curcumin Capsules - 60

Tumeric Curcumin Capsules - 60

      • Powerful Natural Supplement: Turmeric has been dubbed a 'Wonder Spice'. Our capsules are packed with Curcumin which has an endless list of benefits for happier pets.


      • Strongest 10,000mg Formula: Not all products are created equal, Pets Purest use only the strongest and most effective formula, our 500mg capsules are equivalent to 10,000mg of other weaker products.


      • Improve Joint & Hip Mobility: As a natural anti-inflammatory turmeric curcumin will help with ageing joints. It also will maintain flexibility and mobility of hips and joints.


      • Easy To Use: Simply pop open the capsule and sprinkle on your pet's favourite food. No more struggling with trying to get your pets to eat a tablet!


      • Easily Absorbed: Turmeric is not easily absorbed on its own. Our special formula has added Bioperine to increase absorption rates by up to 2000%.





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