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About Us

Here at brigtmoor we pride ourselves in the care and passion we put into our grooming. Established in 2017 by Rebecca Graham, Brightmoor Luxury Dog Grooming offers a wide variety of dog grooming services for your pet.

My name is Rebecca Graham. I am an experienced groomer gaining a diploma in dog grooming from Anrich Veterinary Centre. I then worked for a large dog grooming company for 2 years to extend my training before establishing Brightmoor Luxury Dog Groomers. My background has always included animals and my main hobbies includes riding and competing my horse in one day events (also Brightmoor Beau Kracka was the inspiration for the name).

Thoughout my grooming career I have been known to handle difficult, aggressive and nervous dogs with care and compassion enabling many previously deemed "un-groomable" dogs to have a full pamper.

I have a border terrier called Neville who is a hit with the customers and you may see pottering around the salon when hes not busy napping!