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Please note - By booking an appointment with us you accept our terms and conditions outlined below

Late Cancellation

We require minimal 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel your appointment to enable us to contact visitors on our waiting list to fill the space. If a cancellation is made after your reminder message has been received, there is a £15 fee to paid prior to a new appointment being made.


No Show

For a small one to one business, no shows create a huge loss of earnings for us. Our time cannot be filled with another client at such short notice therefore the Full groom price is payable. No further appointments will be made until this has been received.


Late Collection

To keep our cage free, and quiet environment, we rely heavily on appointment times and the smooth running of our days. You will be given an approximate time for collection and sent a message 10 mins before your dog will be ready. If collection is more than 30 mins after this message, a late collection fee will be payable upon collection.



Here at Brightmoor, we do all we can to educate our owners on the appropriate coat care for their pets. Unfortunately, we do see matting on a regular basis. Matting is not only painful for your dog but can be very dangerous to remove. We will NEVER demat a matted coat and the only option is a short clip off. This clip can often highlight welfare concerns and injuries not previously noticed such as (but not limited to) rubs from the mats on the skin, bruising, imbedded seeds, twigs etc, fleas, ticks, mites, skin infections and cuts. Brightmoor holds no responsibility for these found ailments and vet treatment may well be advised. As removing matted coat takes much more time, products and damages our equipment, there may be an additional fee on top of your full groom price.


Refusing or Suspending a groom

Brightmoor Ltd reserves the right to refuse or suspend a groom at any point for any reason relating to the pet or groomers welfare. Reasons for suspending a groom could include injury, behaviour, or high stress levels.



All prices published are FROM prices. Prices for grooms will vary depending of dogs size, weight, coat type, condition, health considerations, style chosen and behaviour

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